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Earlier today star Wide Receiver Randy Moss was traded by the New England Patriots to his old team, the Minnesota Vikings.  He was traded for merely a 3rd round draft pick, and all signs coming from New England were that Moss wanted to be traded due to disagreements over his contract situation.  Moss spent his first seven seasons as a pro in Minnesota where he had 9,142 yards and 90 touchdowns during his first stint with Minnesota fueling a run to NFC title game appearances following the 1998 and 2000 seasons.  The Vikings eventually got fed up with his attitude and lingering hamstring injury, and sent him to the Oakland Raiders in 2005. Then Moss was traded to the New England Patriots. Now, Minnesota hopes that Moss will retire as a Viking but before his turn for retiring. Moss and Favre are hoping to become Superbowl Champions. The whole reason why Moss is returning to Minnesota is because Favre does not have a star wide-receiver.  After the signing of Moss, Vikings will have a offensive threat. The running of Adrian Peterson will open up Moss with the pass. Then, you will see Peterson able to run with more open holes because Moss will be a threat. We will see how the trade pays off for the Vikings and if they can bring Minnesota its first Superbowl.


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