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On October 15th, Boston Red Sox owner brought Liverpool FC (English Premier League) soccer team. John Henry, owner of the Red Sox, spent a whopping $476 million for the legendary football team. Henry far most goal is to get the team to the top of the table. Now, Liverpool FC is sitting in 17th place out of 20 teams. Normally, you would find Liverpool in the top 5 but due to money issues with lots of injuries, Liverpool find themselves at the bottom. Henry second goal is to get the fans to come back and support Liverpool. Liverpool as the most supporters out of any English Premier League team ,but the club has been struggling with supporters due to lack of results. The public relations side of this, has to deal with getting the supporters back. They will have to create fan base groups to help recruit the fans back. If Liverpool starts getting results, then the fans with show their faces at the games. The relationships will continue to grow with in the new office of owners and players which will help with success on the field. In public relations, relationships is biggest key to success in my mind, and Liverpool will build the relationships back up. It will come from the public relations side first.


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  1. With Liverpool being my favorite soccer team in the world, I really would like to see John Henry have success with this purchase. I strongly believe that once Liverpool go back to their winning ways, the fans will come back to support their team. The fans are so vital in the process of getting Liverpool back to the top of the tables.

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