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Comment 1-
Firefighters more like fire watchers by Darcy Hahn
Posted 10/06/10

The firefighters did their job. I am sure it was not easy to sit there and watch the house burn down. The firemen were not allowed to save his house. It was law that Gene would have to pay $75 a year and he did not want to pay it. Obviously, it is sad to see someone’s house to burn down but at the same time. It is the law. I agree with the firemen.

Comment 2-
Is Mike Vicks’s image restored?? by Michael shewmaker’s

I agree with you 100%. Michael Vick’s image is becoming better and better everyday. Ever since Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion, and Vick became the starter the city of Philadelphia has embraced Vick. If you look around the Eagles stadium you will see signs that read “Vick-Tory”, and I truly believe that Michael Vick is on his way to becoming as much of a dynamic player as he was before, if not more dynamic. His great PR plan has resurrected his image among animal lovers, and he is back onto the road to stardom..

Comment 3-
Segway Owner Dies on his Own Machine by Darcy Hahn

Yes, this is very ironic, and it does make you wonder how he can own the machine but not know how to properly operate it. Plus, why he was riding around on a mountain by himself is very odd.

Comment 4-
Heat or Hype by Mike Martinez
“So there are reports circulating around the interwebs that Miami Heat tickets are selling for $900 a piece. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Don’t get me wrong, sure they’re talented and sure they have a lot of potential to maybe even win a championship. The fact remains though, hype doesn’t win championships. It may sell tickets, and I’m sure Pat Riley and the rest of the Heat brass love that fact, but Dwayne, LeBron, and Chris have a lot to prove before I start crowning them Lords of the NBA. Mark it on your calendars folks: December 25. That’s when the Heat take on the Lakers. That will be the benchmark game that proves or dispels all the hype, media attention, and expectations for this talented but unproven team of mega stars. ”

You can look it that way. But if you look at the Yankees in baseball, it is the same way. I heard rumors that some seats in the ballpark were going as high as $2,300. I think that is a little ridiculous but some people that have the money, or passion for the sport will pay these high rates for just one game.

Comment 5-
Eight Social Media Trends for 2011 by Gini Dietrich (spin sucks)
Spin Sucks

Obviously when you talk about technology, many think of cell phones and computers. People wonder, what can be next? What can top the Iphone or newest computers. I totally agree with websites such as facebook are going to start to charge fees to be a confirmed member. The more group buyers you have in companies, the better the technology will become.

Comment 6
A Crucial Catch: The NFL’s Campaign to Fight Breast Cancer- By Hannah Buehler

The NFL has decided to wear pink for the Breast Cancer awareness month. Like Hannah, I love sports and like to watch football as well as watch my home football team lose every week. I think it is a great idea and PR that the NFL, many celebrities and idols are supporting breast cancer. This is a class act due to the many of cancer patients. This is not only amazing for breast cancer but as well as other cancers.

Comment 7
I Phone The New Pacifier? by John Burner
This is an awesome article. I think it explains what Apple has done to the society. In all reality the Iphone has started a new trend. It has created and in my mind developed an idea that prevents laziness. The Iphone has everything as stated above. It has become a reliability. Apple has made large sum of money because people have relied on the phone. Once a new phone came out with new features it is obviously for people to want the new idem. This has created a problem for a spoiled culture.

Comment 8
Apple’s Itunes Secret Revealed- Hannah Beulher
I agree with you Hannah. Every time I open up Itunes, I see the Beatles on the front page. The write up of how the Beatles are going to change the life of the Itune users. Apple does a great job supporting the Beatles but what about the other “famous” bands. I do not think Itunes will change any way both for the positive or the negative.

Comment 9
Bushes Throw Out First Pitch- John Berner
This is an excellent thing for Major League Baseball. It sums up what exactly a positive father son relationship should have. It was not only good to see them throw together but think about how many times they have been in the same public atmosphere together. I am sure not to many considering how busy they are. But the Bush’s belong there at the game. They have grown up to be huge Rangers fans and even though they lost. They will still support them as they did their whole life.

Comment 10
The Salvation Army
11/18/10- Hannah Buelher

This is a great benefit for non-profit organizations. The Salvation Army is standing outside Walgreens and every grocery store collecting money for the organization. The holiday season brightens someones day especially when you donate money to help struggling ones. The Salvation Army does a great job and Hannah does a great job explaining the opportunities it gives people.


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