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Public Relations is all around us. As we see, even ESPN has a place where they direct all of their PR efforts. Here, in the ESPN Media Zone, we can find all of the latest Press Releases, Media Kits, blogs and Twitter feeds. The ESPN Media Zone has many different opinions and authors who publish different thoughts. Here, many interested media personnel can find related material, such as corporate conference calls, photos, bios, media contacts, and all related information to PR. Here, you can also find a series of 30 for 30. The program releases previews for stories about professional athletes.

For all of the sports: NBA, NFL, MLB, Motor Sports and World Series of Poker we can find bios, press releases and photos. This is very important to the practice of PR, because it provides a reference place where PR professionals can find the latest news about their clients, and scan for photos and press releases about their clients.

Say a Public Relations Firm was representing Brett Favre. He has been in the news a lot lately due to the scandal with a former New York Jets reporter and due to his injuries and the concept of lack of winning Media will provide detailed information and the ESPN Media Zone is a great place to reference.

Information for this post came from: ESPN Media Zone


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  1. I think ESPN Media Zone helps the fans of whatever sport they are interested in to become more familiarized with the players. It seems that athletes are only familiarized as being an athlete and that they are real people. It is nice to get to know people and the fact that ESPN Media Zone has bios of athletes is what I find to be beneficial and intriguing.

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