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It is interesting to see all the different polls that occur through out various websites. When you search the web, you will see all the different advertisements. Public Relations differs from advertising because it is about building relationships more than just getting your point across. In the MLS soccer website, you can get to know each individual player better. As well as if they have twitter finding ways to following what exactly they are doing with the latest updates from their personal life. MLS does a outstanding job with learning about each player. Even though MLS is not the most popular sport in the United States nor do they make nearly the amount of money the other professional athletes make, they will treat the fans with a lot of respect. MLS websites provides polls to get to know the players, and it gives the viewer a chance to vote his opinion on various things. The one poll today is how many goals do you think Chris Wondolowski will score next year? Even though it is a simple and short questions. MLS will get many different opinions with his projected goals of next year. MLS uses these type of polls to get to know the player as well as routing for them. With that being said, you can also follow the player and get highlights to see if he will score or not. It is a very easy and to the point website. The website has many viewers and builds relationships because the fans can follow their favorite MLS players.

MLS Soccer


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