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Jackson's Words

DeSean Jackson came out on Monday Night Football during the pre game warm ups and stated to watch the first play. Well, the announcers said right before the play to watch DeSean Jackson and stated what was said. He was going to go big. Jackson, on the first play received a pass from Michael Vick, quarter back of the Philadelphia Eagles, to score an 88 yard touchdown. Jackson did his celebration not only for that touchdown but for the spanking of the Washington Redskins. Vick, if you recall was in the press during the 2007 season for dogfighting. He was sentenced to 23 months and pleaded guilty. Michael Vick has recovered from that and a few injuries in his time of being back into the NFL. Jackson after the game told many interviewers that, “We were like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage.” The media took that the wrong way. Yes, it is just a saying. But the media took that as a shout out to Vick. The was no harm done to either Vick nor Jackson but the fact that their are in the media for something being said with out realizing what it could have been taken as. Which it was taken that way from of course, who else, the media.


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