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England and the United States were close but came up short. In 2018 Russia won the World Cup hosting bid. In 2022 Qatar won the World Cup hosting bid. The United States sure thought they were the front runners of the 2022 campaign with Morgan Freeman and Bill Clinton as their spokespeople. When you went onto any soccer websites, it was all about the United States hosting the World Cup in 2022. England was certain they were going to get the honor of hosting. England one time winning the World Cup came in 1970 when their country hosted it. They sure wanted a second chance of winning in their country. United States felt the opportunity that soccer has became a largely popular sport across the world especially in the country in the past 10 years, so why not host again and watch the sport continue to grow. The public relations grew when you get leaders such as Clinton and Freeman to be the spokespeople. These men are well respected and have many connections. They have built many strong lasting relationships and this was United States’ best chance to conquer having the World Cup. It is ashamed we will not host. I guess we will be waiting until the 2026 or maybe even 2030 World Cup.

World Cup


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