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Last night, LeBron James, also known as (King James) sent a message not only to his team, the Miami Heat, but the crowd were he was once loved. James left Cleveland to play in Miami. He turned down a huge contract with Cleveland Cavaliers in order to form a dominate three (Posh, James, Wade). Well supposedly dominated. They have started off the season just 4 games above .500. James has not made the best of his decision until last night’s performance. James stated in a press conference before the game, that he knew the spots on the court to shoot. Well, James did just that. He shot nearly 60% from the field, scoring 24 points in the third quarter (Heat record), scoring 38 total points, but most importantly leading his team to a 28 point win. James reception from the crowd was nothing but boos and even beers thrown at him. After the game, I am sure his public relations crew was happy but he said nothing but positive things about the city of Cleveland and has upmost respect for the fans. After everything he did, he was expecting this from what used to be the home crowd of his career.

King James


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