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During the Ryder Cup golf tournament, a photographer captured what is said to be the one of the greatest pictures of all time. Tiger hit a terrible shot to say the least. The camera man was standing in front of Tiger, figuring that he was going to hit the ball over him, but yet he smashed the ball of the edge of his club and went directly into the lens, breaking the lens. Tiger knew it was his fault. Tiger just kept on with his round. The pictured captured the ball coming right at the lens but yet Tiger’s reaction. The photo has been photo-shopped by many people and one stand out in the crowd is a man who chewing on a cigar. The article and picture refer him as the “Cigar guy.” The cigar guy has now been made famous. This picture of Tiger Woods has made someone in the Ryder Cup crowd, a random person, famous because he is simply chewing on a cigar. The funny thing is, many blogs, comments, and articles have now been reveled to find out who this “Cigar guy” really is. Is it simply that easy to get recognition all off of Tiger?

From: Chicago Sun Times