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Peyton Manning is the best quarter back in the NFL. He is by far the smartest quarterback in the league, having only one interception through four games this year. He knows when to make a big play, however, he also knows when to be safe and dump it off to the running back. Peyton Manning analyzes every defense for hours and hours before the games. Even when the defense is on the field during the game, Peyton is over their going over plays with his wide receivers and analyzing the secondary.

Peyton Manning is also the greatest quarter back in the league because of his leader and ability to bring people up. Peyton Manning encourages his players if they are having a bad game, and he also keeps players going when they are on a role. Compared to Dan Marino or Joe Montana, I think Peyton Manning is the best quarterback to every play the game.


After losing the 17 of the first 18 games under Head Coach Steve Spagnulo, the St.Louis Rams are finally starting to find their winning ways. The Rams stayed to the course, and never made excuses even when they were losing. They believed in their head coach and his ways, and the fans are finally starting to see a competitive football team in the city of St.Louis. The Rams can learn from the success of the another team in the city of St.Louis. The Blues stuck to the plan John Davidson, and the fans have seen the transformation of their Hockey team. The Blues went from the cellar of the NHL to becoming and up and coming team full of youth and excitement. This young hockey team put a jolt into the people of St.Louis, and the Rams new found winning ways have this city talking. And you can’t talk about the Rams for too long without mentioning the name of Sam Bradford. The young quarterback has been nothing short of outstanding by living up to his record setting contract, and number one overall draft pick. The Rams physical play has this town excited, and the new attitude found at the Edwards Jones Dome can only keep us hoping for more success to come.