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England and the United States were close but came up short. In 2018 Russia won the World Cup hosting bid. In 2022 Qatar won the World Cup hosting bid. The United States sure thought they were the front runners of the 2022 campaign with Morgan Freeman and Bill Clinton as their spokespeople. When you went onto any soccer websites, it was all about the United States hosting the World Cup in 2022. England was certain they were going to get the honor of hosting. England one time winning the World Cup came in 1970 when their country hosted it. They sure wanted a second chance of winning in their country. United States felt the opportunity that soccer has became a largely popular sport across the world especially in the country in the past 10 years, so why not host again and watch the sport continue to grow. The public relations grew when you get leaders such as Clinton and Freeman to be the spokespeople. These men are well respected and have many connections. They have built many strong lasting relationships and this was United States’ best chance to conquer having the World Cup. It is ashamed we will not host. I guess we will be waiting until the 2026 or maybe even 2030 World Cup.

World Cup


Last night, LeBron James, also known as (King James) sent a message not only to his team, the Miami Heat, but the crowd were he was once loved. James left Cleveland to play in Miami. He turned down a huge contract with Cleveland Cavaliers in order to form a dominate three (Posh, James, Wade). Well supposedly dominated. They have started off the season just 4 games above .500. James has not made the best of his decision until last night’s performance. James stated in a press conference before the game, that he knew the spots on the court to shoot. Well, James did just that. He shot nearly 60% from the field, scoring 24 points in the third quarter (Heat record), scoring 38 total points, but most importantly leading his team to a 28 point win. James reception from the crowd was nothing but boos and even beers thrown at him. After the game, I am sure his public relations crew was happy but he said nothing but positive things about the city of Cleveland and has upmost respect for the fans. After everything he did, he was expecting this from what used to be the home crowd of his career.

King James

Jackson's Words

DeSean Jackson came out on Monday Night Football during the pre game warm ups and stated to watch the first play. Well, the announcers said right before the play to watch DeSean Jackson and stated what was said. He was going to go big. Jackson, on the first play received a pass from Michael Vick, quarter back of the Philadelphia Eagles, to score an 88 yard touchdown. Jackson did his celebration not only for that touchdown but for the spanking of the Washington Redskins. Vick, if you recall was in the press during the 2007 season for dogfighting. He was sentenced to 23 months and pleaded guilty. Michael Vick has recovered from that and a few injuries in his time of being back into the NFL. Jackson after the game told many interviewers that, “We were like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage.” The media took that the wrong way. Yes, it is just a saying. But the media took that as a shout out to Vick. The was no harm done to either Vick nor Jackson but the fact that their are in the media for something being said with out realizing what it could have been taken as. Which it was taken that way from of course, who else, the media.

It is interesting to see all the different polls that occur through out various websites. When you search the web, you will see all the different advertisements. Public Relations differs from advertising because it is about building relationships more than just getting your point across. In the MLS soccer website, you can get to know each individual player better. As well as if they have twitter finding ways to following what exactly they are doing with the latest updates from their personal life. MLS does a outstanding job with learning about each player. Even though MLS is not the most popular sport in the United States nor do they make nearly the amount of money the other professional athletes make, they will treat the fans with a lot of respect. MLS websites provides polls to get to know the players, and it gives the viewer a chance to vote his opinion on various things. The one poll today is how many goals do you think Chris Wondolowski will score next year? Even though it is a simple and short questions. MLS will get many different opinions with his projected goals of next year. MLS uses these type of polls to get to know the player as well as routing for them. With that being said, you can also follow the player and get highlights to see if he will score or not. It is a very easy and to the point website. The website has many viewers and builds relationships because the fans can follow their favorite MLS players.

MLS Soccer

Public Relations is all around us. As we see, even ESPN has a place where they direct all of their PR efforts. Here, in the ESPN Media Zone, we can find all of the latest Press Releases, Media Kits, blogs and Twitter feeds. The ESPN Media Zone has many different opinions and authors who publish different thoughts. Here, many interested media personnel can find related material, such as corporate conference calls, photos, bios, media contacts, and all related information to PR. Here, you can also find a series of 30 for 30. The program releases previews for stories about professional athletes.

For all of the sports: NBA, NFL, MLB, Motor Sports and World Series of Poker we can find bios, press releases and photos. This is very important to the practice of PR, because it provides a reference place where PR professionals can find the latest news about their clients, and scan for photos and press releases about their clients.

Say a Public Relations Firm was representing Brett Favre. He has been in the news a lot lately due to the scandal with a former New York Jets reporter and due to his injuries and the concept of lack of winning Media will provide detailed information and the ESPN Media Zone is a great place to reference.

Information for this post came from: ESPN Media Zone

Comment 1-
Firefighters more like fire watchers by Darcy Hahn
Posted 10/06/10

The firefighters did their job. I am sure it was not easy to sit there and watch the house burn down. The firemen were not allowed to save his house. It was law that Gene would have to pay $75 a year and he did not want to pay it. Obviously, it is sad to see someone’s house to burn down but at the same time. It is the law. I agree with the firemen.

Comment 2-
Is Mike Vicks’s image restored?? by Michael shewmaker’s

I agree with you 100%. Michael Vick’s image is becoming better and better everyday. Ever since Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion, and Vick became the starter the city of Philadelphia has embraced Vick. If you look around the Eagles stadium you will see signs that read “Vick-Tory”, and I truly believe that Michael Vick is on his way to becoming as much of a dynamic player as he was before, if not more dynamic. His great PR plan has resurrected his image among animal lovers, and he is back onto the road to stardom..

Comment 3-
Segway Owner Dies on his Own Machine by Darcy Hahn

Yes, this is very ironic, and it does make you wonder how he can own the machine but not know how to properly operate it. Plus, why he was riding around on a mountain by himself is very odd.

Comment 4-
Heat or Hype by Mike Martinez
“So there are reports circulating around the interwebs that Miami Heat tickets are selling for $900 a piece. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Don’t get me wrong, sure they’re talented and sure they have a lot of potential to maybe even win a championship. The fact remains though, hype doesn’t win championships. It may sell tickets, and I’m sure Pat Riley and the rest of the Heat brass love that fact, but Dwayne, LeBron, and Chris have a lot to prove before I start crowning them Lords of the NBA. Mark it on your calendars folks: December 25. That’s when the Heat take on the Lakers. That will be the benchmark game that proves or dispels all the hype, media attention, and expectations for this talented but unproven team of mega stars. ”

You can look it that way. But if you look at the Yankees in baseball, it is the same way. I heard rumors that some seats in the ballpark were going as high as $2,300. I think that is a little ridiculous but some people that have the money, or passion for the sport will pay these high rates for just one game.

Comment 5-
Eight Social Media Trends for 2011 by Gini Dietrich (spin sucks)
Spin Sucks

Obviously when you talk about technology, many think of cell phones and computers. People wonder, what can be next? What can top the Iphone or newest computers. I totally agree with websites such as facebook are going to start to charge fees to be a confirmed member. The more group buyers you have in companies, the better the technology will become.

Comment 6
A Crucial Catch: The NFL’s Campaign to Fight Breast Cancer- By Hannah Buehler

The NFL has decided to wear pink for the Breast Cancer awareness month. Like Hannah, I love sports and like to watch football as well as watch my home football team lose every week. I think it is a great idea and PR that the NFL, many celebrities and idols are supporting breast cancer. This is a class act due to the many of cancer patients. This is not only amazing for breast cancer but as well as other cancers.

Comment 7
I Phone The New Pacifier? by John Burner
This is an awesome article. I think it explains what Apple has done to the society. In all reality the Iphone has started a new trend. It has created and in my mind developed an idea that prevents laziness. The Iphone has everything as stated above. It has become a reliability. Apple has made large sum of money because people have relied on the phone. Once a new phone came out with new features it is obviously for people to want the new idem. This has created a problem for a spoiled culture.

Comment 8
Apple’s Itunes Secret Revealed- Hannah Beulher
I agree with you Hannah. Every time I open up Itunes, I see the Beatles on the front page. The write up of how the Beatles are going to change the life of the Itune users. Apple does a great job supporting the Beatles but what about the other “famous” bands. I do not think Itunes will change any way both for the positive or the negative.

Comment 9
Bushes Throw Out First Pitch- John Berner
This is an excellent thing for Major League Baseball. It sums up what exactly a positive father son relationship should have. It was not only good to see them throw together but think about how many times they have been in the same public atmosphere together. I am sure not to many considering how busy they are. But the Bush’s belong there at the game. They have grown up to be huge Rangers fans and even though they lost. They will still support them as they did their whole life.

Comment 10
The Salvation Army
11/18/10- Hannah Buelher

This is a great benefit for non-profit organizations. The Salvation Army is standing outside Walgreens and every grocery store collecting money for the organization. The holiday season brightens someones day especially when you donate money to help struggling ones. The Salvation Army does a great job and Hannah does a great job explaining the opportunities it gives people.

On October 15th, Boston Red Sox owner brought Liverpool FC (English Premier League) soccer team. John Henry, owner of the Red Sox, spent a whopping $476 million for the legendary football team. Henry far most goal is to get the team to the top of the table. Now, Liverpool FC is sitting in 17th place out of 20 teams. Normally, you would find Liverpool in the top 5 but due to money issues with lots of injuries, Liverpool find themselves at the bottom. Henry second goal is to get the fans to come back and support Liverpool. Liverpool as the most supporters out of any English Premier League team ,but the club has been struggling with supporters due to lack of results. The public relations side of this, has to deal with getting the supporters back. They will have to create fan base groups to help recruit the fans back. If Liverpool starts getting results, then the fans with show their faces at the games. The relationships will continue to grow with in the new office of owners and players which will help with success on the field. In public relations, relationships is biggest key to success in my mind, and Liverpool will build the relationships back up. It will come from the public relations side first.

Peyton Manning is the best quarter back in the NFL. He is by far the smartest quarterback in the league, having only one interception through four games this year. He knows when to make a big play, however, he also knows when to be safe and dump it off to the running back. Peyton Manning analyzes every defense for hours and hours before the games. Even when the defense is on the field during the game, Peyton is over their going over plays with his wide receivers and analyzing the secondary.

Peyton Manning is also the greatest quarter back in the league because of his leader and ability to bring people up. Peyton Manning encourages his players if they are having a bad game, and he also keeps players going when they are on a role. Compared to Dan Marino or Joe Montana, I think Peyton Manning is the best quarterback to every play the game.

Earlier today star Wide Receiver Randy Moss was traded by the New England Patriots to his old team, the Minnesota Vikings.  He was traded for merely a 3rd round draft pick, and all signs coming from New England were that Moss wanted to be traded due to disagreements over his contract situation.  Moss spent his first seven seasons as a pro in Minnesota where he had 9,142 yards and 90 touchdowns during his first stint with Minnesota fueling a run to NFC title game appearances following the 1998 and 2000 seasons.  The Vikings eventually got fed up with his attitude and lingering hamstring injury, and sent him to the Oakland Raiders in 2005. Then Moss was traded to the New England Patriots. Now, Minnesota hopes that Moss will retire as a Viking but before his turn for retiring. Moss and Favre are hoping to become Superbowl Champions. The whole reason why Moss is returning to Minnesota is because Favre does not have a star wide-receiver.  After the signing of Moss, Vikings will have a offensive threat. The running of Adrian Peterson will open up Moss with the pass. Then, you will see Peterson able to run with more open holes because Moss will be a threat. We will see how the trade pays off for the Vikings and if they can bring Minnesota its first Superbowl.

After losing the 17 of the first 18 games under Head Coach Steve Spagnulo, the St.Louis Rams are finally starting to find their winning ways. The Rams stayed to the course, and never made excuses even when they were losing. They believed in their head coach and his ways, and the fans are finally starting to see a competitive football team in the city of St.Louis. The Rams can learn from the success of the another team in the city of St.Louis. The Blues stuck to the plan John Davidson, and the fans have seen the transformation of their Hockey team. The Blues went from the cellar of the NHL to becoming and up and coming team full of youth and excitement. This young hockey team put a jolt into the people of St.Louis, and the Rams new found winning ways have this city talking. And you can’t talk about the Rams for too long without mentioning the name of Sam Bradford. The young quarterback has been nothing short of outstanding by living up to his record setting contract, and number one overall draft pick. The Rams physical play has this town excited, and the new attitude found at the Edwards Jones Dome can only keep us hoping for more success to come.